Kustom Logo Design

The Kustom Design Department can create any logo or design from scratch, or we can recreate your current logo. Once we have your logo in a usable line art format, there are no other set up charges for your logo for any work Kustom Koncepts completes for you. When designing a logo for your company, we prefer that you create clean, easy-to-read logos that will work in a multitude of formats. For instance, a lot of gradients and Photoshop effects look good with vinyl prints, but it is very difficult to get this effect to work on a screen printed t-shirt. We work with you in order to understand how you will need to use your logo or custom design, in whatever format it will need to be recreated.

Media Package

A media package is available to provide you with copies in all necessary formats. The package includes your logo in a multitude of formats, including vector-format EPS (filename.eps) and Illustrator working files (filename.ai), to raster-format files like JPEG (filename.jpg) and uncompressed TIFF (filename.tif). We'll also convert your logo to black and white for use in accounting programs, to place your logo onto letterhead and invoices, etc.


Select any of the thumbnails below to view the respective full-size image. Once the full-size image is open, you may cycle through the image group by rolling over the left or right side of the image to reveal the controls, and then selecting the appropriate side to move forward or backward in the group.